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In a recent review I read this:

"One of the things that really resonated for me about Into Darkness was the fact that, like the best Star Trek stories, the film has an important, and very relevant message at its heart, about not throwing away our ideals when confronted with dangerous threats to our civilization and a strong indictment of Cheney-esque and Rumsfeldian politics. In a free society, our democracy cannot just be words on a piece of paper, but have real meaning that we live by … even when inconvenient."

[Link to review - M']

If that isn't Trek then I honestly am not sure what is.

Personally I think that because they are couched with big budget CGI and action scenes and don't spend 1 hour and 50 minutes discussing the deeper story in a conference room that the movies are "brain dead".

We can have a good story AND good action equally as far as I'm concerned. We move at a faster pace now then we did in the 90's and certainly in the 60's. Old talky Star Trek is just going to bore people and even more so if you are paying money for a movie.

You are just going to have become those people you swore you'd never be (your parents) and move into back-in-my-day-ville.

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