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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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The cynic in me is screaming that Tommy's days are now officially numbered and he'll be killed off pretty soon, but I'm hoping that's just cynicism.
It's certainly possible when you consider TV shows culture. He's the type of character that is sympathetic enough so some of the main characters care about him, while being disposable enough in the overall storyline to be killed off. A type of character that everybody can mourn after a "surprising" death that hits close to home. Being in relation with Irisa makes him closer to home thus closer to be the "surprising" death many characters will mourns over after some deadly attack of some enemies. Heightening the sense of danger, urgency and desperation in such scenario. Although since his relationship with Irisa is not serious (as of yet of course), this mitigate this idea. Maybe he will be the character that tries to "open up" Irisa for us, not without some difficulty due to Irisa's personality, individualism and trust issues.
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