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That doesn't make it right!
We're not going to be able to convince them. They enjoy the new films and are willing to accept its new creator's vision of Star Trek characters, settings and technology.
Oh no... don't get me wrong...

I hated the reboot in 2009. Really... everything was awefull about this film (for me - and I can perfectly live and accept that people liked it).
From the black hole huge plot holes (Black hole = time travel, when the script needs it and then... shredder... guess what... when the script needs it to be), fatal cinematography (not one sharp or quiet shot, 50% of the film are lense flares), down to the stupid excuse for a plot (bridging absurd action scenes with each other... Sulu's fencing... my God...). It sucked. Really... it just completely sucked.
It deserved the F I rated it.

INTO DARKNESS works so much better. The plot is dense (at least in the first half... the movie dives down from the point Khan reveals himself), the cinematography is so much better (as if they changed the whole camera team), and in scenes it feels and looks like STAR TREK. Art direction is wonderful, and the visuals are stunning.
Is it an entertaining film. Yes!
Is it a good film? Average at best.
Is it a good STAR TREK film? No, defineatly not.

But if you can detach you logical cortex from the "fun" cortex, you will be able to enjoy the visuals.

Maybe it is because I went into it with -100 expectations after the huge disappointment the last film was for me... I don't know.

I rate DARKNESS a healthy "C".

Eventhough I really hate 2009.
Star Trek - A Final Unity
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