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The unthinkable has happened and life may never be the same again. Earlier this month a group of unidentified starships entered the CoreWorlds. The mysterious visitors came quietly and ignored any attempts at communication. A combined fleet met with them, but the never expected what came next. One by one additional ships decloaked nearby and started an assault against the gathered ships. They were able to pierce the blockade with their superior numbers, and the war for Earth began.

The enemy forces were stronger than we had ever expected. A combined fleet of Federation forces led by the Enterprise engaged the enemy in orbit of our tattered homeland. Over a thousand Federation ships engaged the enemy fleet, but they were still outnumbered. Our own ships started to buckle under the combined onslaught of the enemy vessels. Slowly though the enemy started to give ground. Our ships were able to destroy their defensive perimeter and we made it back to Earth. The Federation forces were able to drive back what was left of the enemy fleet and expel them from our territory.

But it was a bittersweet victory. The remains of the Federation Starfleet now hang in orbit of Earth, and the numbers are not very impressive. Only around 100 ships remain out of a group once numbering in the thousands. Millions are injured both on Earth and in the Fleet, and thousands have already lost their lives. Fear has swept through the worlds of the Federation, and this fear is overriding. Worlds have seceded, and others are threatening the same out of fear they won’t be protected. Throughout the Federation decorated personnel (engineers, military, scientists) are resigning from their posts to return to their own worlds in terror of what may happen next.

The Federation’s Defensive Ministry is also been overcome with fear over the unknown enemies. Resulting they have issued orders for the creation of a new group tasked with defense of the core worlds, they‘re also going to have to seek out the people that committed this atrocity. This mission isn’t for the faint of heart, and danger is going to be their constant companion. I have issued a call for men and women interested in this dangerous mission, and I hope that someone will heed my call.

Project Homeland Defender is a PBEM RPG Game set in the future of the Star Trek Universe. Following the exploits of the personnel of this Project (the crew of station Defender 1 and the USS Defiant), this group will be darker and more character oriented than most RPG games. We are not a fleet RPG group, nor are we planning to be a Fleet. All of our stories are played on the same group and the stories are all interconnected. We hope that you will join us in our adventures.

Project Homeland Defender can be found online at
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