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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

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I always thought they should have been limited. Like, you can only transport from one transporter pad to another, meaning you couldn't beam down to a planet until a team shuttled down first and placed a pad in a safe area. To get back to the ship, you'd have to get back to the pad.
If they're shuttling down to the surface, what's the point of bringing the transporter pad? Once you're down, you're down. In an emergency, they'd have to get back to the shuttle, just like they'd have to get back to the transporter pad.

What happens to the pad when the landing party has completed its mission? Does another team fly down with a shuttle to pack up the portable transporter pad and return it to the ship again? Or is it disposable?
A small security team would go down to the surface, secure the area, and make it safe for the scientific teams to beam down. Various scientists, the captain, etc., would be free to come and go as they pleased for the duration of the mission. Soil and rock samples could be examined and beamed to the ship. After the scientific mission was at an end, the scientists would beam back to the ship, the security team would pack up everything including the portable pad and shuttle back up.
I'd meet them half way - beaming down to a specially selected site in the open with minimal objects to materialise inside, set up your pattern enhancers and use that as a portable site. When your final team beams back, you use transponders in the equipment to beam that back up.

Beaming back using portable quantum scanners in your communicator or belt monitor is used in emergencies because it is less safe. Beaming back without a local quantum scanner is a death sentence.

My take on transporters is that you are quantum linking your molecules and phasing them into a subspace pocket, using the confinement beam to stop you from reverting back to your natural state. The confinement beam is never 100% so some of your info leaks or the quantum links get scrambled, leading to accumulated DNA damage. This is rectified when you beam back to the ship. You pattern in the pattern buffer is used to compare your current state to your original scan to 'replicate' any missing or damaged DNA. If too much of your DNA is damaged or too many links get mixed up, you end up with TMP style deaths.

It allows for rare situations where the person can be split and still survive with a large amount of replicated DNA (like evil Kirk or Thomas Riker). It also sidesteps the 'kill and replicate' argument that crops up if all you are transporting is information.

I tried to write an online comic featuring the limitations of the transporter (Angels of Acheron - It can be fun to play with the limitations.
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