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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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And if that happens it will be more fall out fron the Harden situation.
No, it won't. His seat may heat up, but it is *not* from the Harden situation. Sam Presti fully approved of trading Harden.
No, the point I'm making is that a team's failure can only haqppen so many times before the blame falls on the head coach, whether it actually is his fault or not. It happens even after the GM trades the team's second most valuable player as in this case. It doesn't matter that it was Presti's decision (or the owner or whoever) to trade Harden, even if it was over Brooks' objections. What will matter is if the perception becomes that the Thunder won't win a championship under Brooks.

The reality is that the Thunder (with Harden and Westbrook) had a championship team together that might have challenged the Heat this season and probably next, with more Finals experience and more incentive. That "championship potential" was traded, "for the future". Now they have to start over trying to put together that champioship puzzle -- one that was very likley already solved -- all they had to do was shell out the money.
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