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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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Personally, I find it absolutely astonishing TAF would come bottom in a grading of TOS episodes behind the likes of Spock's Brain, And The Children Shall Lead, The Way To Eden etc.
I won't quibble about the others, but "Spock's Brain" is a much better episode than it's given credit for. I think the reason it gets so much attention as a bad episode is not because it's the worst episode, but because it's the most entertainingly bad episode. It's silly, yes, but it's fun, unlike some of the other "worsts." It maintains a good pace and the cast seems to be having a good time. It has good production values, particularly that great rear-projected graphic on the bridge viewscreen, something we almost never saw in TOS. It gave the supporting cast bigger roles than usual since Spock was absent for much of it; the scene of Kirk, Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov reasoning out a problem on the bridge is just great stuff. And it has Fred Steiner's best, richest, grandest musical score of the entire series, as if to make up for the story's shortcomings.
All excellent points, I certainly don't disagree. In fact, I do enjoy Spock's Brain, and even the other two episodes cited to a lesser degree. As I mentioned, it's all about "the vibe", and I just find it extraordinarily difficult to get past the ridiculousness of remote control Spock - and the horribly annoying "clicking" sound effects to boot! I know there are other equally farcical contrivances elsewhere in the series, but for some reason, that one rankles me particularly!

Totally with you reference the score, it really is outstanding.
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