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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Posted by Brennyren:
If you stop by, it'll quickly become apparent that my favorite character is Chakotay, with Janeway and Paris also popping up often.


Edited to add: WTF? I can't make the link work from here. Okay....if you wanna take a look at my fic, just pop over to and search "Brenda Shaffer Shiring." That's me.
You're Brenda Shaffer Shiring?

Well damn, gurl! If I'd known that I'd have grovelled and drooled all over you I think you're a wonderful writer! I love the way you write Chakotay, and Janeway/Chakotay. Thank you! :thumbsup:

Posted by The Mistress of Shadow:
Hey I'm in the process of making my own janeway/chakotay message board. Any help would be greatly appreciated

It's looking good, MOS! I really hope it all takes off for you. Sadly, I'm trying to cut down my boards and stuff cos my college work is going to explode again in September. I'll try to pop in if I can though :thumbsup:
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