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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I'm still kind of baffled how big the Kelvin was, as it was supposed to have been built in the pre-timestream-split prime universe and there has never been any evidence in any iteration of canonical Trek that Starfleet built ships that big during that era. THIS almost implies that there may have been a split prior to Nero's arrival.
I took it simply as evidence of reimagining the look of the Prime Universe, which, frankly, was always going to be necessary in a film today about Kirk's era. In this case, the filmmakers were pre-Pike and pre-incursion, so, with the Kelvin sequence, they let a little something peek out from behind the fig leaf.

I'm rather glad they did, because the Kelvin sequence was the only part of STXI where wonky theories, about how Nero's incursion must be responsible for all the minor differences between nuTrek and first-run TOS, are all but definitively ruled out. It is only in this part of the film that we see a pure, unadulterated reimagining of Star Trek, and boy did it rock!

I just think of this as something like the recasting of the main characters. Since, relatively speaking, it is inconsequential whether or not the Kelvin sequence fits perfectly into the space between ENT and first-run TOS, I see it on that level as something on par with a cosmetic change of the Prime Universe.

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