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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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For me, Singer's film inadvertently highlighted what increasingly feels like an inherent problem with the basic concept of the character. The price for his masquerade at his "day job" is that the whole time he's pretending to be a reporter there are people all over the place who need saving and it's just tough luck.
Well he still has to be able to learn about disasters and criminal activity in the world first, before he can put a stop to it. And it probably makes it easier to prioritize things and focus on the more crucial problems first before the standard bank robberies and car accidents.

Although it was probably a bit easier to buy on, say, the old Adventures of Superman series-- when Superman's powers were a bit more limited, there was no information age yet, and it was obvious he actually NEEDED the reporter job in order to hear about stuff.
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