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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

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I guess it all comes down to how each of us responds to any given episode. I commented recently in another thread I was quite bemused at the level of vitriol heaped on this particular segment by fandom. I really wouldn't have thought of TAF in this manner pre-internet.

Regardless, TAF remains one of my favourite entries from S1 despite the eloquent arguments presented by previous posters. While I certainly understand the rationale behind many of the criticisms, I can still easily dismiss them and enjoy the show completely unburdened - like many other episodes from across the franchise. For me, it's all about the "vibe".
Agreed. One of the reasons I like The Alternative Factor is that it deals (admittedly loosely) with the idea of a parrallel universe. I think the episode is still one of TOS' best shows. My only complaint was that we didn't get to learn more about the differences of this anti-matter reality. For example, if there were two Lazarus', where was the anti-matter Enterprise and her crew? In orbit around the anti-matter planet? That we didn't get to see THAT is the thing to be annoyed by, if anything is.

And I also agree with your assertion about how fans react to any given episode. While I'm in the minority in my liking for this one, I'm also in the minority for my absolute dislike for City on the Edge of Forever and The Inner Light, two episodes most fans seem to love, although what the hell for is anybody's guess. I personally think they were two of the worst things Star Trek ever did.
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