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The NX ready room was a must because everyone had seen them before, seen the scenes in them and expected to have it in the stories.
Which is exactly why the show sunk like a stone. It was indicative of a larger pattern of being unable to let go of the 24th century. From the 'ready room' to phase pistols to photonic torpedoes to hull plating that acted exactly like shields to the proto-Prime Directive to the Klingons to the Borg to the Ferengi and so on...
That's hardly a fair comparison. The ready room is a valuable dramatic tool, providing a space for private (and sometimes heated) duty-related talk. Not including one solely because Kirk didn't have one would have been silly. Should Columbia not have had a female captain, either?
You're talking apples and oranges. One was a line that didn't even make sense within the context of the show (and the true meaning of the rambling was debatable at best) vs. a standing set.

They simply didn't do anything that set Enterprise apart from the other series.
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