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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I must have missed something because not for one second in all these years did that thought occur to me even remotely.
Towards the end of Greg Jein's "The Case for Jonathan Doe Starship" article in Issue Number 27 of the fanzine T-Negative, the editor of T-Negative, Ruth Berman, had the following editorial comment:

"* RB's note. Readers may recall from T-N 23 that I speculated that the chart measured where the ships were in their five-year missions, as it was numbered in percentages...."

So that was Ruth Berman's original thought. I don't know if everybody needs to disagree with her interpretation. It's kind of a goofy idea, but I guess it's not all that bizzare. "Completion of a five year mission" is no more goofy than "Completion towards initial ship construction." An Enterprise that's 83% complete probably doesn't refer to a five year mission or construction. It's probably just repair project.
Since this was the first season perhaps the graph could have represented the percentage LEFT on the 5 year mission (which in some sort of crazy way makes sense, lol).

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