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One of the main gripes about GEN for me was the revelation that both Picard and Kirk wanted to settle down.
In the TV series and movies they both fought tooth and nail to keep their captaincies. Both were offered the family life many times and they always chose ship and duty. It was not something unatainable for them out of the Nexus.
Yeah, Captain Kirk wanting to settle down is completely out of character. It's "The Cage" with Captain Pike all over again.

Am I cynical to think that Moore and Braga wanted their guy (Picard) to be the hero and that he had to be the voice of reason not Kirk
No, Picard is indeed the hero and I'm sure that's why the writers felt he needed to be the one taking the active role in bringing about Act 3. But the problem is that that's not the way they set up the film.

And Picard weeping at the beginning of the film does nothing at all for the movie. If he's going to weep, it should be coming to an emotional climax in Act 3. Moore and Braga just bit off way more than they could chew with this movie. Sadly, GEN is the TNG movie I feel to have had the most potential.
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