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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

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Transporters are something I would scrap if I was doing a total reboot of Trek, they are like a Viking long boat carrying a mobile/cell phone.
They are too magical.
I always thought they should have been limited. Like, you can only transport from one transporter pad to another, meaning you couldn't beam down to a planet until a team shuttled down first and placed a pad in a safe area. To get back to the ship, you'd have to get back to the pad.
That does make sense and I like that I dea. TNG really messed up the concept of a transporter room because you could beam anyone to anyplace from anywhere. No need to stand on a pad.
To be honest, I used to think this but now think of it this way:

Traditional beaming: Beam from transporter room to a remote location and Beam from remote location to transporter room.

Site-to-site beaming: Beam from remote location into the transporter buffer in the transporter room then beam from the buffer to the new location. The transporter room tech is still involved but you do not materialize in the room at all however you do transit through it.

EDIT: Trouble with site-to-site beaming becoming so easy is that its pointless having a transporter room at all so you may as well remove it and have some kind of transporter control room with huge/weird gizmos all over the place and a transporter chief overseeing it.
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