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I saw it again... and I loved it just as much! A wonderful movie. Probably the best Trek of them all.

My one issue last time was that Spock blamed Khan for Kirk's sacrifice, it made no sense to me. Why would Spock yell "Khaaaan!" and go berserker when it was Admiral Marcus' attack that crippled the Enterprise, damaging the warp core and sending them spiralling down to Earth? On my first viewing I'd somehow missed that Khan attacked the defenceless Enterprise after beaming up the missiles and beaming Kirk, Scotty and Carol to the brig. THAT is what damaged the core and what sent Enterprise falling. Now Spock's "Khaaaaan!" and murderous revenge rage made sense.

I suspect in years to come, this will be known as "the one with all the crying" - Kirk cries, like, four times. Pike cries as he's dying, Khan cries in the brig, Uhura cries, Scotty's eyes tear up and even Spock cries. It was very emotional. Even on my second viewing I got a major lump in my throat on several occasions.

There is so much nerdy stuff I can't wait to pour over in October/November when the DVD comes out. I saw Franz Joseph-style Enterprise floorplans on consoles, noticed some new aliens (including another Orion crewperson) and a ton more.

I loved this movie!!
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