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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Taking INTO DARKNESS into consideration the size of 350 meters is about right.

Several hints at that: Kirk and McCoy dive to the Enterprise.
Vengance attacks Enterprise we see several hull breaches, and they consist of one at max two decks at the endge of the saucer.
When the Vengance crashes, it's saucer is not higher than 150 meters, considering it is much bigger than the Enterprise, it will probably be somewhere in 600 meter range.

350 meters fits the ship perfectly, therefor one has to readjust that chart.
LOL, I came away from the film (which I've just rewatched) with the exact opposite opinion! That the Enterprise was unquestionably far bigger than her prime-universe counterpart.

When the Vengeance crashes, the engineering hull dwarfs the entirety of Alcatraz Island, and when it hits the mainland the saucer breaks from the hull and tips, showing it to be far taller than the largest of the super skyscrapers.

Evidence of a bigger Enterprise is the saucer-top dome and core of corridors below, which extends downward onto infinity. Plus, to fit the bridge in front of it on the third deck would unquestionably be impossible on a 350m Enterprise. We also saw two shuttlebays, the main one at the rear, which was the same size it was in the prior movie (which could never fit two rows of 12m shuttles if it were only 17m across), and starboard-side shuttlebay 2, which launched the trader ship toward Kronos. All that, plus the brewery engineering section has to fit into just the rear half of the secondary hull.
FWIW, we also learned that the area where Kirk found Uhura in the last movie is directly behind the deflector dish.

I did notice some cool Franz Joseph-style deckplans on Sulu's console when they're scanned by the Vengeance (they passed too quickly to make out any scale-establishing detail, and I can't wait to freezeframe the DVD!), as well as a floorplan of the brig complex on the screen behind as Kirk and Spock speak to Harrison.
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