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Re: Capitalisation of I

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Shaytan, are the Parisians really as rude as rumour has it? I'm starting to learn French in preparation for a trip to Paris and I'd like to know what I am facing.
Can you give me a few insider tips how to treat Parisians correctly to receive only a minimum of rudeness? I'm the type of tourist who asks before taking photos, who attempts to be very polite and not to stand in the way of people who are in a hurry. I switch off my cell in hospitals, public transport, museums, theatres and churches and never hear loud music or make phone calls in public.
What other dos and don'ts are there?
That was a joke, we're not that rude, not always
Try to speak a little French, even only the polite words (s'il vous plait, merci, bonjour, aurevoir). It's always welcome.

Waiters are not rude, talking to waiters is a play, you just need to know the codes.

But I think that with your common sense, you will be fine
Not on strike.
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