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This series is really capturing my imagination and making me wish I lived in a time where space travel of that kind was possible.
My teenage years in a nutshell. Welcome to the fandom!

By the way, since you're coming to this from the Abrams movies the next series I'd recommend checking out after TOS and the original TOS movies would be Enterprise. In my opinion, the Abrams movies are influenced by the look and feel of that show and there are some references to it in both films. It's set about 100 years before Kirk's time and is thus the only Trek series that exists in both timelines.
It has received a mixed reception in fandom but I've always been a fan and some of the criticism can be boiled down to perceived canon violations (i.e. contradictions to other, usually later shows) which wouldn't be a problem for you since you haven't seen the other Trek shows. Enterprise also follows up on quite a lot of stuff from TOS. It's relatively short (just 4 seasons) and the box-sets are cheap.
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