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Re: Robert Englan'ds STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE CGI with original cast voice

I fear there has been some misintrepretation of intent.

I merely tried to guess what you may have employed to create the final product. If I was wrong in my guesses, then obviously my eye is not as keen as I thought. There's no "law" that forbids the use of pre-existing content unless that's a peronal philosophy you chose to impose upon yourself. If everything was from "scratch", well, all the more power to you. I just thought I recognized elements and I thought I'd try to guess what they might be.

I take it that YouTube commenters have been generally insulting? Sadly, that seems to be the state of things there. Some have taken the MST3K "riffing" philosophy to a very cruel degree. Someone can't even post a clip of a kitten producing a funny "meow" without some schmuck screaming "animal cruelty!" or similar idiocy. It's enough to make anyone suspicious of any feedback.


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