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Now... Paramount, throw out the biggest issues (Orci and Kurtzman) and get authors of the calliber of the Nolan brothers to write the next film, and we will finally get a proper blockbuster TREK film, with an intelligent, emotional story.
Ugh. Nolan movies out me to sleep, never got the love.
While I do like Nolan's films, when I hear a line like that..."the caliber of the Nolan brothers"...have people actually watched The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight? Seriously? Those movies just just as many plot holes and strange moments as the Trek '09 and probably Into Darkness. And guess what...I don't care. I still love and enjoy them anyway. But it's such a double standard that Nolan and his guys are held up to such a high level, when they are guilty of the same things.

And I'm glad you guys found a negative review. I'm sure they're out there. Bravo.
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