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I'm on record as believing that the over-saturation of Trek during the late nineties lead to it's downfall.

I'm worried that the same thing is happening again.
Not a chance. A movie every three to four years is not anything like having two series on simultaneously, while also releasing films.

Currently we have HD season one of ENT, HD season three of TNG and the Nu-Trek all vying for our money. I could afford to buy all these things but I do not have the time to watch them.
Then don't buy them. Why buy them anyway? They'll all be on Netflix streaming, if they aren't already. Why purchase the discs? What would be the point of owning the physical media when they are just dust collectors?

I hope my (and other peoples) decision does not affect any possible future remaster of DS9. Why the big rush to get it all out anyway? They rushed season two TNG and look how that turned out. Surely we'd be happy with two releases a year, done well?
Why are you worrying about the release (or lack of release) of HD discs that you're not going to purchase anyway, or if you do buy them, won't watch anyway?
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