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Re: Apps for your Android device

Battery Monitor Widget and System Tuner are two utilities from the same publisher that I find quite useful for keeping track of what my phone is doing.

Button Savior allows you to do a lot of things you normally have to push the physical buttons for using only the screen to help the phone last longer.

GPS Essentials has lots of GPS-related functions. GPS Test is good for troubleshooting your GPS system if you're having trouble getting it to work right. It also has some good functions but, while better for troubleshooting, doesn't do as much as GPS Essentials.

GoTasks is a good task management app that syncs with your Google Tasks for those who want something to help them manage their time better. There are several others as well, but this is the one I settled on.

gStrings is good for the musical among us. It's a richly-featured app for tuning instruments.

The Coupons App and YP Local Search are good for finding coupons, local restaurants, gas prices, etc.

Wifi Analyzer finds all Wifi signals in range and helps you connect to Wifi networks.

SMS Backup and Restore is good for backing up your text messages so you don't lose them with OS updates/crashes/etc. It can also be used to transfer your messages to a new phone.
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