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Re: Cacelled Shows 2012-2013

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I think Person of Interest is pretty good. And although it started pretty slowly, The Americans picked up nicely as it went on.

I haven't been watching Person of Interest with any consistency, but I have really enjoyed The Americans. It is the one new show that has survived for me. Everything else I watch has been on for a while. I didn't mind the slow start - it only made it feel more 80's to me. Plus, I think they needed to spend some time getting us invested in the characters. After all, we are rooting for KGB spies against our own government here.

I think it's a good show and I plan to watch it next season.
Me too.

I'm hoping they move a little further toward the political angles, and a little away from the interpersonal drama.

Person of Interest has become so serialized, I doubt anyone could pick it up now without watching the entire series. Lots of arcs going on.
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