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Re: Star Trek: Into Darkness Discussion [**NO SPOILERS PLEASE**]

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The Regal cinemas near me are doing a double feature of ST09 at 9:00 on Wednesday and STID at midnight...already got my tickets...and have warned my students that I might be a bit fatigued at school on Thursday...
Yeah, I remember having a rough day at work after seeing the Dark Knight trilogy last year. With TDKR being almost 3 hours, didn't leave much time to sleep before work. I think I can probably be out of work early enough, though, to get in a nap before heading to the theater this time.

Do you know if both movies will be shown in 3D, or just STID?
The theater told me that both will be in 2D...which is fine with me because I'd rather watch it the first time in 2D anyway...they are having multiple other screenings at midnight as well as the 3D IMAX fan screening too...but the novelty of getting to see them both back to back won out over the other showings...
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