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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

Two questions for anyone who still likes me. Whet's the new James Spader thriller called. It looks like silence of the lambs, and in the sci-fi realm, what is that upcoming Tom Cruise flick based on a Japanese/Chinese graphic novel called, or I think iwas Tom Cruise, 'cause I'd like to take a look at the material as I googled it once and found it interesting but forgot the title. It had a laughing man in it.

Right now 'Elementary' and 'Hannabal' are my favs. Also does anyone know if Burn notice is still in production. I guess not obviously because it's such an old show but I'm hooked on it and a little obsessed with it. Man that guy puts himself in dangerous situations all the time. I would see a movie based on that. Also was the A-Team movie worth watching. Loved the series. Who didn't?
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