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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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This thing that happens every 7 years to every member of their species
No such thing in "Amok Time". Spock likens his mating drive to that of the salmon, but he never says it would be cyclic (for the salmon, it isn't - they can do it exactly once). As far as this episode goes, the mate-finding craze is a unique event in the life of a Vulcan (male?), resulting in marriage or death - possibly only to be revisited in case of divorce or widowing, perhaps not even then.

It is only in the much later "Cloud Minders" that Spock speaks of a seven-year cycle,
Thank you! About time someone else pointed this out. Even Spock said he hoped he would be spared, but the mating drives were too strong. I don't know why this 7 year thing was even mentioned in Could Minders. Of course everyone latched onto it, even Roddenberry, and it was used in TSFS.
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