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I hope my (and other peoples) decision does not affect any possible future remaster of DS9. Why the big rush to get it all out anyway? They rushed season two TNG and look how that turned out. Surely we'd be happy with two releases a year, done well?
I presume part of the release policy is awareness that they have a remastering team that needs to be occupied and they found their rythm when to be able to release a TNG season on Blu-ray (considering the expenses involved with the project, they need to generate their profits ASAP).

The one thing that raised my eyebrow was the unexpected release of ENT on Blu-ray. This could have been done long ago and I was always under the impression they wanted to save this until last.

My personal and biased conspiracy theory, however, is of a different kind...and no, I will not get again involved in the screen format debate.

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