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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
one is still free to criticize.
Truth. Some TBBS members seem determined to stamp out any criticism of NuTrek.

I just wish Star Trek would aim for something a little higher than big dumb flashy Hollywood shoot-'em-ups. The dumbing down of Star Trek happened long before JJ Abrams took the reigns, but that doesn't mean Abrams shouldn't strive for something better.
Well said. The production has "Star Trek" slapped on it, but that is where the similarities end, as the heart of the ST message has been replaced by the immature, flash over substance sci-fi sledgehammered into the culture by George Lucas and in more recent years, Michael Bay.

What I'd like to see from Star Trek would be a reboot which is honest about being a reboot -- no silly time travel plot to try and justify its existence. Just reboot the show and come up with more imaginative stories.
It seems clear that imaginative stories--once the very thing ST used to be famous for--is not the priority, but spectacle, and looking more like something Tom Cruise or Will Smith would head up.
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