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Re: Capitalisation of I

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It does seem strange. German, which capitalises every second word basically, doesn't capitalise personal pronouns, unless you you are directly talking to another person.

For example if I'm writing a (somewhat formal) letter (in e-mails or text messages between friends it doesn't matter), it would be something like:
"Good day, i am writing to You regarding Your proposal blabla..."

It does look a little egocentric, the way the English language handles that, even if the hstoric explanation has nothing to do with anything like that.
Dutch also has a formal (U) and informal (je/jij) version for you...
And dot my i's and j's for pretty much the same reason as J.Allen.

Too be honest, i hardly ever write like this anymore, mostly its a mix of this and block letters/print letters, like the ones you now see on your computerscreen or in the newspaper...
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