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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

@ Forbin

Especially as a part of an episode with obvious "exotic" editing. The starship captains are already sitting in the Starbase Club prior to their arrival, the only times Kirk is wearing his green wraparound tunic is in Stone's office etc.

To get back to the original topic, I think it's interesting that the "obsession" with NCC registries is owed to a large part to Franz Joseph's Technical Manual which nevertheless ignored the aforementioned starship status chart from "Court Martial"

@ GSchnitzer

Yes. The scriptwriter may have envisioned a different kind of chart, as I don't believe any of these bars reveals an "incoming ship", but the green extra bar you mentioned could indicate a "ship cleared".
There's also a good probability that the final chart was considered to be featured in a later scene where Kirk says "repairs almost complete" (= 83%).
But because of the "exotic" editing of this episode, we may have gotten the chart in the opening scene for which it hadn't been designed for.

Strictly "in-universe" speaking, the chart then became indeed unintentional but therefeore required a different interpretation, because the repair job of a ship that just arrived could hardly be already 83% complete.

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