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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

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I saw a comment on another forum - that as originally written this script had Amy and Rory in it? Anyone know anything about that?
On GB, there's a guy who says he helped Gaiman with his Doctor Who lore for both scripts, and the first draft had the Victorian Clara and her Victorian children in it, so it would seem to have come along later than that.
I saw that and assuming the guy is reliable it seems they would've been Victorian and more integrated through the season. The change to the current modern version was known far enough ahead not to force his hand though. There was supposed to be more explanation for the kids' presence seeded in the episode but was cut for time, some tacked on to Crimson Horror as seen.

Also, the Cyberman weren't to be stompy but that was added post-production as it was felt that it played as unfinished (like they forgot to add sound) rather than conveying the intent they were quiet.
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