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Re: Capitalisation of I

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
. . . It's probably worth mentioning that Christians capitalize the personal pronouns He and Him when referring to God, Jesus, etc.
In the U.S., that used to be standard practice in much of the secular media as well, up until around 1970.

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
We still usually capitalise many of the words in a title such as

He Who Fears the Wolf

however if it is being catalogued for a library this capitalisation is wrong , it is

He who fears the wolf
I've noticed that in most European languages, only the first word of a book title (or the title of a play or movie) is capitalized.

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
I wonder, does anybody dots i's and j's when they write or print? I can't remember ever actually doing that, except maybe in early grade school.
I've always dotted my i's and j's. I thought everybody did. Those letters look wrong and unfinished without the dot.

Carcazoid wrote: View Post
I capitalize because "I" is more important to me than "you".
Not to me, you isn't!
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