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Re: NHL 1st Round 2013 playoffs

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Ottawa just took the series in 5 with a 6-1 win tonight!

I have to say given how obnoxious Habs fans are at Ottawa games it was very satisfying to see Ottawa close out the series in Montreal and silence the crowd.
I particularly enjoyed the Pageau/Ole chant in the other game in Ottawa.

And holy shit, Toronto. How do you blow that, regardless of how good the other team is?

My wife hosted a hockey party last night, a whole bunch of her cousins came over to watch game 7. She's a particularly passionate Leaf fan, been following them like a religious zealot since she discovered hockey in 2006, never seen them in a playoff game.

She was getting very emotional when they tied the series, and with a 4-1 lead in the 3rd last night, they were all planning the next round, going downtown for a game (she and I went to Maple Leafs Square to watch the game on the big screen outside the arena for game 3 against the Bruins).

And then that collapse...dear lord. I thought the lot of them were going to do a mass suicide. My poor wife is so bummed. Hopefully she'll realize that they still had their best season in 10 years, and they'll probably get better.

That said, Go Sens!
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