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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

R. Star wrote: View Post
Archer then expresses concern that by taking a prisoner they'll incite the Nausicans to be aggressive... yeah if you're not careful they'll start attacking your cargo ships or something. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that torturing the Nausican for information was the right thing to do, but these are YOUR people Archer. Take the prisoner, promise the Fortunate you'll take care of things, call up Forrest and have him file a diplomatic protest to their government. That's how you handle things.
Oh yeah, and also, start upgrading the other Starfleet ships to warp 5 as well, so that they can go on cargo escort missions into deep space to prevent further attacks. Having only just one other (the Columbia) only four years after Enterprise is foolish; there should have been more, and all of the other ships should have been upgraded to warp 5 after the warp 5 engine had been finally tested and built.

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
Yeah... I kind of feel like Enterprise is Star Trek for Dummies. Compared to the other series, this one seems decidedly low-brow; like it's catering to a dumber-than-average audience whose interest is only held by fisticuffs and boobs. I don't need every episode of Trek to be deep, philosophical stuff, but I don't appreciate shows that treat their viewers like idiots, or that assume they won't catch things like lazy writing or blatant attempts at titillation.

Granted, most of television seems to be headed this way. But somehow, I expect better from Trek. They should know that their viewers are smarter than that.
Unlike you, I have problems with bad episodes, NOT the whole show itself. That's the difference between myself and most of you (and many other Trekfans.)
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