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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Anyway, I've always wondered, with a crew of 1100 or so, where do they all sleep? And relax? Can they fit so many quarters in the ship plus the massive engineering and shuttlebay, plus the science labs and torpedo bays, etc?
Oh, sure. Even if you confined them all to only the saucer section you'd have more than enough room for the crew quarters. The thing is massive.

The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in the picture below, had a crew of:

5,828 (maximum)
Ship's company: 3,000 (2,700 Sailors, 150 Chiefs, 150 Officers)
Air wing: 1,800 (250 pilots, and 1,550 support personnel)

Aircraft carried: Hold up to 90 / 60+ (normally)

That's with the hangar deck, nuclear reactors, workshops, aviation fuel storage, engine room, armories, mess hall, etc. taking up a ton of space.

It's about as tall and long as the rim of the ST09 Enterprise saucer alone, and only a fraction of the width. She's a big girl.

The Enterprise-D there typically carried a crew of about 1,014 in luxurious hotel suite sized quarters, and it had plenty of room to spare. It's actually a small crew given its immense volume. It probably was pretty lonely in a lot of corridors aboard ship.
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