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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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^ Y'know, I acknowledge that "Sins of the Father" is a landmark episode for its fleshing out of Klingon culture, and normally I really tend to dig "feuding great houses" type of SF/F (Dune, A Song of Ice and Fire, Feist's "Empire" trilogy) but the Klingon stuff on TNG was dealt with in such a shallow, uninteresting manner. I've never really cared for the Klingons. Not a single drop of subtlety to the race. As far as adversarial Trek races go, I find the Cardassians infinitely more interesting/watchable.
I myself am not a fan of the TNG era klingons in any way. While I certainly enjoy seeing alien cultures do things in a different way, I have huge issues with TNG Klingons because every single one of them acts the same freaking way. SFDebris made a point about this in his Star Trek VI review that I would like to quote here, because I honestly can't say it any better or different than he would.

The Klingons shift later in TNG when it went from being great warriors, to being all about being a warrior, to total cultural obsession over being a warrior, it got to be too much. They became space vikings, and in my opinion a stereotype.
Remember Worf's son Alexander? In TNG, Worf would teach him that "A Klingon's honor is more important to him than his life", and even in DS9 tries to get Alexander to become a warrior even though he has little interest in doing so. It just paints everyone as one dimensional characters.
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