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Apps for your Android device

Android is a very popular operating system, and (according to some reports) is outselling the iOS on the iPhone (source), and if not, it's certainly giving iOS a hard time.

With this rise in the Android OS's popularity, I thought it would be a good idea if we shared some of the apps we like to use for our Android phones and tablets. I have both, actually, a Galaxy Note 2 phone running 4.1.2, and an Acer Iconia running 3.2.1. Quite happy with them both.

I have the standard Google Maps app (love the sat nav feature, it got quite a work out on a recent road trip) and other standards such as Facebook.

Some of the others that I installed are Wikipedia, Skype and YouTube.

Some ones that you might not have heard of are:

Goodreads, a book review app that has reviews from users, as well as a neat barcode scan function to look up a book.

Soundhound which listens to a bit of music and tells you what the song is, along with links so you can download the song, find the lyrics, etc.

RealCalc, a solid scientific calculator app.

Photo Editor, which is surprisingly full featured for a free app, with individual colour curves and a lot of other powerful functions.

I also have the popular games like Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. I've found a few lesser known games, like Major Mayhem, Mouse, Lazors, Cube, Hot Death Uno and a colour game called Blendoku.

Have you found any useful apps for your Android devices? Please share, and don't forget the links!
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