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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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300 years ago. Times change. As if any of you were to prevent tyranny by the central government today with its modern military machinery.

When it comes to weapons, most of yo Americans throw your brain out of the window, seriously.
I already posted this in a similar discussion in TNZ, but I believe it's relevant here, too.

An interesting post about the famous argument "Civilian gun ownership prevents tyranny" by an American Korean:

A typical American gun advocate simply has no idea what itís like to live in an actual, real-life tyranny, because America is the oldest and strongest democracy in the world. [...] Because American tyranny only exists as a fantasy, American response to the potential coming tyranny is also fantastical--thus, we have such risible statements as "there would have been no slavery if African Americans had guns" or "there would have been no Holocaust if Jews had guns." Yet the true believers can go on saying these absurdities for one simple reason: it is particularly difficult to have a counter-example that is "within all fours," as lawyers like to say.
But there indeed is such a counter-example. South Korea suffered under tyranny for 40 years, then achieved freedom without resorting to armed revolt. But before they did, South Koreans tried an armed revolt first. That's the story I would like to tell here.
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