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LOL. Syfy is showing Generations now, then Insurrection, then Nemesis.

I am just sitting here, shaking my head at Syfy. Some programmer in there must, MUST have a seriously twisted sense of humor. If ever there were a bigger chasm between what was needed and what we got during those TNG-era-movie years... this was pretty much it.
Sorry, but I have to disagree here. The four TNG films WERE as much TNG as the series, and I could not think of better or other adventures for Picard's crew. Why the bashing... it is so 90ies. Move on already.
TNG movies were glorified TV episodes. They did nothing and looked no better than what people could watch on DS9 and VOY for free on TV. Most times, the TV shows were better.
Since the tv episodes and especially the Two-part episodes were always compared with actual motion pictures, they did something right then with the 4 films.
Star Trek - A Final Unity
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