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Re: Capitalisation of I

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I don't know if I have ever seen it at all. When I was at school I think we were taught to use "co-operation" and "re-evaluate". I only remember seeing "zoological".
That's what I remember too, the use of a hyphen. Sure some words like Finalé use diaeresis.
I think that all the words that I was taught to use diaeresis with are of French origin - café, fiancé, Noël, naïve, blasé etc.

Hebrew, one of the world's oldest alphabetically written languages, has no capital letters.

I believe Arabic script also has no capitals, although the consonants do have initial, medial and final forms. Are there any Arabic or Persian speakers here who can elaborate?
Thanks for the info, Scotpens

Lately I've noticed the single-word spelling "noone" (for "no one") gaining currency, and I suppose it may be accepted as standard within a decade. To me, however, "Noone" will always be this guy.
Noone just looks wrong. I think I tend to say nobody rather than no one.
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