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Re: Earth will fall [SPOILERS]

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I can imagine a starship crew out on the rim, exploring all alone, with no help ... I can't imagine that in NuTrek.
You don't have to.
You can see it in this film.
So is this the six-weeks-from-radio-contact rim or the 5minute warp ride rim?
Tee hee. That makes my point very succinctly.

But I think of the term 'the rim' to be the edge of explored space rather than the edge of some other known race's empire.

It was silly to imply that the facility by Jupiter was 'secret' and I think Kirk should have instantly known where the co-ordinates were and told Scotty to go and check out the orbital facility at these co-ordinates. I have no issue with S31 carrying out secret projects in the facility.

I would, however, question why a top secret facility would not monitor the ships that approach it and warn them off. I suppose they must employ the same dozy security guards as Earth.

As an aside, I think sending them on a 5 year mission will be the excuse to produce the animated series, which I am looking forward to, although I fully expect them to use even more contrived and silly plots.
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