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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

^ Y'know, I acknowledge that "Sins of the Father" is a landmark episode for its fleshing out of Klingon culture, and normally I really tend to dig "feuding great houses" type of SF/F (Dune, A Song of Ice and Fire, Feist's "Empire" trilogy) but the Klingon stuff on TNG was dealt with in such a shallow, uninteresting manner. I've never really cared for the Klingons. Not a single drop of subtlety to the race. As far as adversarial Trek races go, I find the Cardassians infinitely more interesting/watchable. I was rather dismayed when Worf was added to DS9, because while I for the most part like the character, he brought with him the baggage of tons more Klingon-centric episodes. I didn't mind them in small doses in the earlier seasons ("Blood Oath", "The House of Quark") but it just got out of hand in season 4 onwards. Just never felt that the Klingons meshed well with DS9, nor did Worf fit in as well with the DS9 crew as he did with the TNG crew.
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