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I have have read this totally wrong and sorry if I have, but it's Picard that goes looking for Kirk with Guinan's help, not the other way round???
Funny thing is, that's the main problem with the movie.

Moore and Braga set up Kirk as needing to stay in Starfleet in the middle of the action, saving the universe, making a difference. They set Picard up as wanting family, feeling that his time was running out. Then the two get into the Nexus and... Kirk's ultimate wish is a quiet retirement? Huh? And Picard, the one who was contemplating having a quiet family life, has to convince Kirk to go back and make a difference? Didn't they already set up Kirk as that guy? The way the story was set up, it should have been Kirk convincing Picard to go back. Moore and Braga set up two characters, then reverse their respective payoffs.
One of the main gripes about GEN for me was the revelation that both Picard and Kirk wanted to settle down.
In the TV series and movies they both fought tooth and nail to keep their captaincies. Both were offered the family life many times and they always chose ship and duty. It was not something unatainable for them out of the Nexus.

I believe that Picard (in a moment of weakness when his family died) might have temporary longed for the family life he sacrificed. And I think much like you that if Kirk were in that Nexus he would always been seeking a way out.

Am I cynical to think that Moore and Braga wanted their guy (Picard) to be the hero and that he had to be the voice of reason not Kirk. And even though I am primarily a TOS fan I realise that at the time TNG was the way forward, but if you want to make Picard the hero then make it make sense.

Perhaps if the Nexus was a place that made you more compliant the longer you stayed then maybe it might have made sense but the Nexus was the ultimate magical place, you live forever, you can time travel and space travel at will, and all your fantasies come true
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