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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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One of the smaller part actresses actually was working at MSNBC when Sorkin was doing his reaserch. He talked her into leaving her job there and taking the job on Newsroom as an actress and writing consultant.

Rumor is that Sorkin brought in several republican speech writers/bloggers/political consultants into the writing room to better balance out the republican/conservative characters which many in the audiance after season one felt weren't portrayed correctly and were coming off as "too democrat/liberal".
Will isn't really a big-R Republican though, he is a conservative. He is what, 50-55ish? So he came to his political identity in the 70s and 80s. The party has changed a lot in that time and he didn't follow their lead.

Will is a man of science(facts), logic, and compassion. His political beliefs and actions have to be consistent with that or he will lose the sympathy of the audience. The fact that he calls himself a conservative and yet feels left behind by 'his' party that has run off the rails pandering to a few key demographics is part of the drama.
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