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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

Nope. Sorry to disappoint you, but since the purpose of the Bill of Rights is to limit the powers of government (all the writers and signers said so), a little logic would help.

First Amendment: Who would be suppressing the press, censoring the mail, prohibiting the people from gathering to petition the government, or prohibiting them from exercising their religion? That would be the government.

Second Amendment: Who would be taking away their guns? That would be the government.

Third Amendment: Who would be forcing people to quarter troops? Hrm. Not farmers, not horse breeders. Not candlemakers. Um, the government!

Fourth Amendment: Who would be searching people's houses without a warrant? The government's law enforcement officers.

Fifth Amendment: Who would be forcing people to testify against themselves, or get tried again for the same offense? The government, looking to keep trying the case until they get the verdict they want.

Sixth Amendment: Who would be dragging someone to be tried before a tribunal instead of a jury? Who would be trying someone far from where the crime was committed? Who would be refusing to let them confront their accusers in some kind of Star Chamber proceeding? Who would be inflicting cruel and unusual punishments? That would be Obama. ^_^ I mean the government.

Seventh Amendment: Who would be refusing people a civil jury trial? That would be the government - since the government is in charge of trials.

Eighth Amendment: Who would be inflicting cruel and unusual punishments or imposing excessive bail? That would be the government.

Ninth Amendment: Who would be trying to crush any rights not specifically enumerated above? That would be the government.

Tenth Amendment: Who would be trying to expand federal power far beyond what it was granted by the people? The government, backed by people who somehow think the Bill of Rights is a document to expand federal government powers.


Or, if a powerful central government is so important in ensuring people's rights, then the nations with the most powerful central governments should have been the most free, and where people enjoyed the most liberty. Those would be countries like pre-Revolutionary France, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Communist East-bloc (the Warsaw Pact countries), Communist China, Cuba, and North Korea.

If, on the other hand, strong checks and limits on government power help guarantee people's rights, then countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, and Switzerland would be known for individual freedoms.

Since the government is ultimately what limits your freedom, cranking it up to eleven doesn't do you any good, and in fact gets you thrown in a gulag for thought crimes. You have to keep it turned down to three. Some say two, some say four, but generally three.
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