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Re: Tomb Raider

Thought I'd post here just to say that I got the game a few weeks ago and just recently finished a 100% run. This is easily one of the best games I've played in a while. The story was exciting and engaging, the combat and exploration were fun, and damn if Yamatai wasn't pretty.

My only real complaints are that I wish there were more random encounters during postgame exploration and one particular QTE sequence that was a real bitch and a half. The one with the river and then the parachute.

As for the Collector's Edition thing, yeah. ME3 was the same way. You got a download for most of the OST, a small comic that was just an ad for more comics and a tiny artbook that was just an ad for the bigger artbook. What makes it worse is that the artbook didn't even cut the text that refers to images that aren't in the CE one. Guess this sort of thing is just a modern trend, sadly.
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