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Re: Who is Spock's wife(or mate)?

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We SAW T'Lar. In fact, it might even be argued that the officials who oversaw Spock's Kohlinar ritual in The Motion Picture were some sort of priests/priestesses. Until that movie, we hadn't seen any more of Vulcan than what was seen in Amok Time and Yesteryear. And not one frame of it included anything remotely resembling royalty.
I saw the Kohlinar masters as teachers. T'lar could be a teacher, scholar or physician. She was never addressed as a religious leader in the film. Anytime we're given new information about Vulcan it's a first. There is an entire litany of firsts for Vulcans. None of which we had ever seen or heard of, until we did. I don't see why this is different than Pon Farr, inner eyelids, mind melds or Kohlinar.
And we didn't know about Vulcan mating rituals until "Amok Time" and we didn't know about the Katra business until The Search for Spock and we didn't know about Vulcan Alzheimer's until that episode of TNG . . . the writers make stuff up as they need it. So why is a random reference to a "princess" a deal-breaker?

It's not like there was ever an episode where Spock or Sarek explicitly stated that princesses are illogical . . .
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