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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

I loved this episode so much. This season has been pretty hit and miss, but it's nice to know that when the writing is on, it's just as good as when it was in it's prime.

I had a feeling we'd see the locket again, I didn't expect it to be Robin that grabbed it herself in the drunk state. Will be interesting to see what happens when/if Ted gives it to her.

I also love that Marshall got the call to be a judge, will make for a nice storyline between him and Lily, and since I was the one asking where that plotline went to a few weeks ago, I'm glad to see the writers haven't forgotten about it.

I felt the Barney/Robin plot was the weak link. The only thing I could think was: "Didn't Robin just give her engagement ring away?" I'm surprised they didn't bring that up. I did like how it wrapped up with them realizing they did a good thing.

And finally....THE MOTHER! When they showed her walking from the legs down I literally got on the edge of my seat. I have been waiting for this moment for so long, it was such a great moment. Like I said above, this season (for me at least) has been pretty hit and miss, but this season finale has made HIMYM one of the top shows that I am looking forward to next fall.
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