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Re: Would you trade Kira for Ro Laren? Or maybe put them both on DS9?

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Yes I would trade Kira for Ro Laren in a heartbeat.
Oh my...and just for that, I would trade janeway for...RIKERRRR!!!
And Seven for ARCHER!!! Mwahahahaaa!

Yeah, there's no way I'd trade Kira for Ro. I absolutely adore Kira. She was a bit abrasive at first, but that was understandable; the Bajorans had just gotten the Cardassians to leave, only to be (seemingly) replaced by the Federation. It's no wonder she was angry and resentful. She just wanted a free Bajor, for heaven's sake.

And anyway, her character just got better and better with every episode. By the second season, she had become my favorite female Trek character ever. I liked Ro, but Kira's frigging amazing. She's strong, resilient, and feisty, but also sweet, compassionate, and loyal. She's the best.

I'm comfortable enough to admit, I have a total girl-crush on Kira. I'm as straight as they come, but she's just so danged pretty. Curse her giant brown doe eyes.
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